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On a once in a lifetime family vacation to Thailand, a family of four stumbled upon a little wooden corner of the world’s biggest weekend market. A market so big it had to be visited over a three day period with a map to make sure no treasures were missed. Hard to believe they then managed to come across this little corner of what would turn out to be the start of a new (ad)venture. It was there that they found the most beautiful, most comfortable and by far the most unique shoe they’d ever seen. Hand made by the owners of this little wooden corner, the shoes were quite pricy and each family member was only allowed to pick one pair. A challenge in and of itself. Sufficed to say that the chosen pair of shoes became the only pair of shoes to walk the streets of Thailand for the next few weeks. Fast forwards to two 

months later, back in South Africa, on a sunny Sunday afternoon. When, like most dad’s do, the dad of this family took his weekly Sunday afternoon nap. Not paying much attention to his beloved pair of Thailand shoes that he proceeded to kick off just before he dozed off. Finley, the new puppy in the house, took it upon himself to make some alterations to these beloved shoes. By no stretch of the imagination were these beloved shoes wearable anymore. Having essentially lived in those suckers since the day he bought them, the dad was dead set on having his shoes fixed which led to much disappointment. Finally, one day it hit him… If an old married couple can make these shoes by hand, surely he could find a way to make them locally. And so Finleys was born out of a little yorkie’s antics, an old man’s perseverance and the love for what can only be known as the best investment your feet will ever make.


We love expressions of individuality and uniqueness which is what inspires us when we make shoes. We believe that there is a pair of Finleys for everyone.

Finleys - it is not a shoe, it is a love affair.

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