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The most unique shoes you will ever put on your feet. 



 Design/Order your very own pair of FINLEYS:

  1. FIRST, choose which print/design you want and from there decide on one of the following stunning shoe bottom options -

    • Either the basic FINLEYS sole (with burlap trimming) or the white sneaker sole.

  2. Whether you choose a sneaker or a basic design you can choose to combine your print with denim or genuine leather. 

    • There are 2 options for printed and denim options - a denim combo or denim trimming.

    • There are 2 options for printed and genuine leather combinations - leather combo or leather trimming

 If you don't see the designs you want on the website, just drop us a WhatsApp and we will gladly assist with your order.



Please WhatsApp us on 0832716182.

You can also see some of our breathtaking designs on our Facebook page.

Thank you for being patient, we promise it will be worth it!

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